New Beginnings

For day 16 of the Writer’s Digest April Poem-a-day challenge, the task was to write a poem about or at a food establishment. I wrote this piece about Ciao Bella Pizzeria in Strand, South Africa. And I tried to rhyme… Enjoy

New Beginnings

It started at Ciao Bella
under a chandelier.
It felt unexpectedly pleasant
to have you near.

It was there at Ciao Bella
sharing anecdotes and tiramisu
that I started imagining
what life would be like with you.

There at Ciao Bella,
it was still such a new thing
to glance at you beholding me
and blush without warning.

Under a chandelier at Ciao Bella,
While sharing tiramisu
(it was still such a new thing)
I started this adventure with you

Paper Rings

A  flat paper ring rested on her finger

and honeysuckles crowned her head

as she sashayed down the garden

with a bunch of daisies in her hand.


Three paper vessels sailed on the pool:

A big one, a small one, and one

that started to sink. “We’ll live there,”

he said pointing to the big one.


“And that’s where the kids will play.”

She smiled, sat beside him

and watched their home drift away.


Day 15 – Write a poem using at least four of these words

  1.     flat
  2.     ring
  3.     lavish
  4.     vessel
  5.     paper
  6.     blacklist
  7.     gaudy
  8.     tooth


Day 12 – Write a silly/serious poem. I chose silly and attempted a Haiku. Again, I mostly use syllable counts to structure my poems but I’ve never attempted Haiku. Wish me luck.


Silly is touching
my phone every three minutes
hoping that you've texted.


For Day 10, the challenge was to use an emotion as the title. Enjoy.


I am bemused by you
 by thoughts of you
 by the little idiosyncrasies
 that make me love you.

I am distracted
 It's not that I want to be.
 You are just so

My mind is enthralled
 by memories
 and possibilities…

I am submerged
 by you.

I mean - you are 

and your stories are 
 I get wrapped up
 in them.

 on reality is fruitless.

I'm fixated.