Mosaic Looking Glass

I hear the echoes

of your tainted soul

I feel your sighs Of despair

I see your tears.

I hear the wail

of your jaded heart

mourning the life

You sacrificed

I see your tears.

I feel the waves

of wasted years

crashing on your tongue

I see your tears.

Behind your woeful

eyes hides a shattered

soul, I know.

I see your tears.


3 thoughts on “Mosaic Looking Glass

  1. You could say that Mosaic is like Mask, there are so many people who hide behind masks, they may fool others but The Lord knows all. God Bless, Mike.

    Beneath the mask you’re wearing,
    There lies a crumpled heap,
    A mass of contradictions,
    That you’re desperate to keep,
    If only people knew you,
    A heap of sin and shame,
    They would surely shun you,
    They wouldn’t be to blame.

    As you keep on sinking,
    Into this pit of guilt,
    The devil has the victory,
    With all the lies he’s built,
    God doesn’t want to know you,
    He wouldn’t waste His time,
    So carry on your life of fear,
    Slide deeper in the slime.

    God loves you very deeply,
    He wants to hold you near,
    To bring light to your darkness,
    And banish all your fear,
    Through Jesus you have power,
    To change your sense of worth,
    And be just as He wants you,
    His child of joy and mirth.

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