Here I feel the sun,
in the shade of your love.
You Lord are a fire place on a wintery eve:
My source. My strength.
The well from which my life flows.

You are peace, love, forgiveness…
joy, patience, kindness…

From heaven you flood Earth with your mercy.
You re-arrange the stars,
keep planets aligned,
command the moon to control the tides.
With your words you balance the universe.

Powerful are your ways oh Lord –
higher than mine.
What to you is common sense
I can scarcely comprehend.
Where you love, I hate.
Where you give, I take.
Still you gave your Son for my sake
while I was lost in sin.

I owe my life to Him
the author of my faith,
lover of my soul,
beginning and end.
I owe Him my all
and I lay it down.
I surrender;
take control.
Guide my steps.
Lead me on
to the secret place
of the most High
where saints abide in heavenly places.
Seated at your banqueting table.
No place me at Your feet, Master;
on Your knee, Father.
and whisper secrets to me.


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