About Me

From Cape Town with Love


I love the creative process. From songwriting and writing novels to choreography and photography, the road from inspiration to the end product makes my heart sing.

The Writer
I’m an instructional writer by trade but my heartbeat is poetry. My poems adorn this blog and I love every one of them uniquely.

The Dancer
As a kid, I used to dance in my bedroom; choreographing steps to the Backstreet Boys’ ‘I want it that way’ and Hillsong’s ‘Shout to the Lord’. Now I’m at a dance school where, as an adult, I’m learning modern, ballet, and contemporary dance styles. My youthful passions are being refined and coming to life.

The Book Dragon
Lastly, I live to read. I’m probably a book-snob. I don’t just want to read good stories. I want to read good writing. My favorite authors are those who use language, the ink, the page, even the paper to tell their stories. I look forward to sharing my book reviews with you.




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