Growing Pains: Starting a Book Blog

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“Start a book blog,” she said. “It’ll be easy,” she said.
When I discovered the wonderful world of book blogging, I saw a sustainable way to revamp my blog. After all, I enjoy reading and I’m quite opinionated. How hard can it be?

When I revamped my poetry blog to a book blog I had enough content. There were my Goodreads reviews and a few others that lay in the archives. I had also finished reading a few books which gave me some extra content but that soon dried up. It dawned on me that writing a review is one thing, reading the books is a horse of a different color.

Then life happened. My schedule filled. I was reading bits and pieces of everything without actually finishing anything which wasn’t very productive. I needed a plan. I needed a schedule. Off I went in search of advice and tools to keep my book blogging dream alive.

Along the way, I’ve learned that my blog can’t survive on reviews alone – I don’t read that fast. I’m not a fan of weekly – or monthly – tags so I need something else. Something authentic.

This month, I’ll be introducing a few new segments.

  • Behind the scenes: A look at my book blogging adventure. I’ll share tips, horror stories, and victories.
  • My Poetry Corner: A weekly segment where I’ll review Poetry books. My current TBR pile has quite a few pre-release titles which I’m excited about. Also look out for reviews featuring work by South African poets.
  • Fantasy Fridays: A weekly segment featuring reviews, opinions, and all things sci-fi and fantasy.
  • Soul Food Sundays: A monthly segment with devotionals, bible studies, Christian fiction, and non-fiction. I read a lot of Christian literature and when I find something interesting I’ll share it here.

I’m looking forward to sharing this with you and I can’t wait to read your comments and suggestions.

From Cape Town with Love.

P.S. What discoveries have you made recently? Share in the comments below.


Bookish preference: Which format do you like most?

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​Some books, like Artemis Fowl, I need on my bookshelf. Classics with brilliant cover art that add to the splendor that is #mydustybookshelf.

Book lovers all have preferred formats. Whether it’s your Kindle collection, a bookshelf in your house, or listening to your favourite audio book. We devour our favorites in different ways. Personally, I can’t follow along with audio books. My mind meanders and I often find myself three chapters later wondering what happened. E-books are cheaper, of course, and convenient but I still find that there’s nothing quite like holding a copy in your hands. My brother, on the other hand, loves audio books. He can listen while commuting, doing assignments, or coding. He can’t stand e-books or print.

Some books, like Artemis Fowl, I need on my bookshelf. Classics with brilliant cover art that add to the splendor that is #mydustybookshelf.

Which format do you prefer?

Fantasy Friday

Fantasy Friday(1)

I am thrilled to be back in the Stillness.

My current fantasy adventure is with N.K. Jemisin’s Broken Earth Trilogy. I started reading “The Obelisk Gate” earlier this week and am thrilled to be back in the Stillness. If you’re reading/have read any of The Broken Earth books feel free to share your thoughts.

Top 5 Tuesday: Childhood Favourites

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I came across this Top 10 theme on The Broke and the Bookish and thought it would make a nice “getting to know me” post. I started book blogging last month; it’s been different. As with any book, a new world is opening that I never knew existed. As my archives show, this blog has gone through quite a few changes. For the past 5-ish years I’ve been posting poetry, random thoughts, and devotionals. My poetry seemed to draw more attention so I stuck to poetry which was great. I’ve gained some great and supportive followers

For the past 5-ish years I’ve been posting poetry, random thoughts, and devotionals. My poetry seemed to draw more attention so I stuck to poetry which was great. I’ve gained some wonderful, supportive followers and I’m grateful for them.

Last year though, I decided to venture off in pursuit of publishing my poetry. Sadly, most of my favourite pieces are on this blog and publishers aren’t too keen on that. I took a break from my blog but missed it. And thus the book blog was born. I’ll still post poetry from time to time – Book Spine Poetry is a thing after all. I digress.

My Top Five Childhood Favourites

life expectancy#5 Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz: I enjoyed Velocity so much that I had to get another Dean Koontz read. Life Expectancy was intriguing.






velocity#4 Velocity by Dean Koontz: I had read way too many Sweet Valley High and SVU books. I needed to move on to fiction that was more substantial. I chose Dean Koontz.







the children next door #3 The Children Next Door by Jean Ure: A story about a young girl who moves to a new town and befriends two mysterious children who live next door.






to kill a mocking bird#2 To Kill a Mocking bird by Harper Lee: Need a say anything. A classic told through the eyes of children playing their little games.







51t54wtqRVL._SX299_BO1,204,203,200_#1 Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery: Green Gables has always been my escape. I’ve read it countless times and always cry. Anne of Green Gables is the timeless tale of an orphan girl whose wildest dreams are coming true. Read it with a box of tissues.

That’s my Tuesday Top 5. What were your favourite childhood books? Have you read any of the books on my list? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the Comments below.


From Cape Town with Love,


Being David – being unhidden

So why am I hiding?

I want to be unhidden. I want the omnipresence and omnipotence of God to wreck me – to be so real to me that I will not be afraid of uttering things He already knows.

David was raw.  He let it rip and poured his heart out with no shame or restraint.  I can’t seem to put sentences together without thinking for a second or two. What made him so – I want to say authentic but that’s not it – so unhidden?

Transparent may have been a better word. God sees it all. I guess David had revelation on that. God sees it all, He knows it all.

I suppose David found freedom in that. I guess it allowed Him to be transparent before the Lord. Essentially, hiding things from Him is senseless because He knows it anyway.

And not even sin just thoughts and emotions and fears and the reality of my soul’s downcastness. Being vulnerable before Him is okay because He loves me and wants me to be whole and complete and unhidden. For freedom’s sake Christ set me free.

He set me free so that I can be free. So why am I hiding?